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Eaton Recognized for ¨Open Innovation¨ Approach to Microgrid Tech

A strategic focus on an open, collaborative approach to microgrid technology and applications is paying dividends at Cleveland-based industrial engineering multinational Eaton Corp. It also earned the privately-held corporation a Berkeley-Haas Open Innovation Award. Eaton placed second in the Berkeley-Haas Business Transformation category of this year’s competition in recognition of its success in ¨leveraging open innovation to transform corporate culture, launch …

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From DOD to NGO: CleanSpark Partners With Global Impact To Accelerate Sustainable Development

After completing their flagship ‘FractalGrid’ at Camp Pendleton, CleanSpark CEO Michael Firenze told Microgrid Media that 2016 would serve as the tipping point for the transition to clean, distributed energy. If you thought he was only referring to commercial and military projects, you’d be wrong. On January 12th, the company announced a partnership with Global Impact, a non-profit that has generated more than $1.7 billion since 1956. Global Impact …

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Microgrids in Africa: Perspectives From WorldWatch Institute and Navigant Research

  Why Microgrids Are Catching On In Africa This article was written by D.A. Barber for AFKInsider. It is being reposted with permission. With Africa’s push for rural electrification, microgrids — especially those that use renewable energy rather than expensive, polluting diesel generators – are fast becoming a cost-effective way to extend electrical service. In those countries where extending the grid …

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