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Solar Startup Harnesses the Power of the Sun and the Mighty Zambesi


African renewable energy startup Muhanya Solar Ltd. is building a solar-powered microgrid that will deliver affordable, reliable, emissions-free electricity to 60 families in Sinda, a village in eastern Zambia. In southern Zambia, SuperRich Energies Ltd is harnessing solar energy and the power of the mighty Zambesi River to build the first of a planned 12 hybrid hydroelectric-solar PV systems. The …

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How Sodium Acetate Reusable Hand Warmers Work


Hand warmers are now much more environmentally friendly, and warmer than ever thanks to reusable hand warmer technology, but how do they work?  Reusable hand warmers take advantage of the physics of phase change between solid and liquid states to release heat energy on demand. BUY REUSABLE HAND WARMERS ON AMAZON HERE Are reusable hand warmers toxic? What is Sodium Acetate, and …

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new orleans water energy microgrid

City planners and residents in a New Orleans neighborhood are looking to two microgrid projects as a means of enhancing emergency services and improving water infrastructure and resource management. Part and parcel of developing the Gentilly Resiliency District, the two planned microgrids are to provide emergency back-up power in the event of disasters, as well as power water pumps and …

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