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Is PV Water Heating The Answer to Net Metering Changes in Nevada?

pv solar hot water heating element

The historic cost declines of solar panels make Photovoltaic Domestic Water Heating an attractive possibility for widespread domestic water heating. As far back as 2012, Mark Holladay of Green Building Advisors predicted the decline of flat plate and vacuum tube solar collectors.  Now, thousands of homeowners in Nevada could find heating large, well-insulated water tanks can ensure their solar panels maintain value. Solar thermal …

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DOE Announces Grid Modernization R&D Agenda, Partners, and Funding

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced it will fund up to $220 million of R&D projects to modernize America’s aging power grid infrastructure over the next three years. Accompanying this, DOE released its ¨Grid Modernization Multi-Year Program Plan¨ (MYPP), a strategic blueprint that informs and guides a national R&D agenda involving a consortium of DOE National Laboratories. The Grid Modernization …

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Veridian Microgrid To Combine Tesla Powerwall, EV Charging, and Solar Using Opus One Software

Veridian Connections announced this week they are rolling out a “virtual power plant,” with a new microgrid system.  The southern Ontario utility says the microgrid project will provide significant benefits to their customers. “This project serves as the ideal opportunity for Veridian to further highlight and enhance the integration of renewables with microgrid operation into Ontario’s energy landscape for our customers. It’s also the first step …

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